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Hi Adam,

Many thanks for the repair job completed on our cracked concrete floor.  I really appreciated your advice on how to handle the problem and the professional way everyone worked together to get a great result.

I would not hesitate to recommend Floor Masters Ltd.

Thank you again for your help.Regards

Sue  (St Johns, Auckland) 18/5/2014

– Background information – Sue bought a house and the edge of her lounge room floor was an add on, where they have laid an additional separate concrete slab.  Over time the concrete has sunk.  She spent thousands of dollars getting resin injected under the slab to lift it again.  She called us about blending the height better.  We discovered that the other contractors had not made any effort to bond the 2 slabs together again.  So we did a “Stitch repair” , where we cut and inserted rods across the joint to tie the 2 slabs together again.