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Floor Masters are specialists at Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Since the end of 1999 Floor Masters founder, Adam Haining, has been transforming concrete surfaces with cement based resurfacing/ovelay products.  In the year that have followed he has been learning and developing new ways, products and techniques to create the finishes his clients have desired.  He has done commercial work for many well known companies like Glassons, Hallenstiens, Bivouac and  Billabong and countless other retail and service companies.  But the majority of the decorative concrete resurfacing work is done in and around homes of ordinary people.

Our main resurfacing work is internal floors - Living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, basements and garages (we do some whole houses), and a lot of external concrete surfaces like Driveways, paths, patios, decks, pool areas and out building floors and surrounds.

We have a number of products and systems and can help you decide what suits your application.

We have about 30 Standard colours, these can be customised, with many of our systems allowing mottled finishes, custom borders or inlays and many design options like tile patterns.

Cretecova Resuracing


Cretecova is a trowel finished 1-3mm polymer cement based overlay. Cretecova is suitable for internal and external concrete floors and surfaces.

The trowel finish can be varied from fairly smooth to a layered stone/slate style finish.

The Surface can have a tile or stone pattern and the colours can be mono-tone or mottled.

Spraycova Driveway - Auckland New Zeland


Spraycova is a texture sprayed polymer cement based resurfacing compound applied to new and old external concrete surfaces.
Spraycova has a stippled finish (made from the droplets of the resurfacer/overlay being sprayed onto the concrete surface. This can provide a good non-slip textured surface for paths, driveways and pool areas.

Thincova decorative resurfacing


Thincova is a finer version of Cretecova, with a lighter finished texture. It can have all the tile and stone effects of Cretecova with a touch more refinement (Cretecova has an installer controllable, slight to major rustic feel). Thincova can be finished as a solid floor, or finished with a custom sized tile look. Can be colour washed for a mottled finish, stenciled designs or what have you.


Levelcova is a thicker, self leveling floor finish (more advanced than floor prep leveling products). Levelcova has a smoother finish and can be more minimalist or can be used as a canvas for fancy design features. Levelcova can look like plain concrete, have colour added or mottled or be treated with dye effects or stencilled designs or a plain tile finish.

Woodcrete concrete resurfacing


Woodcrete concrete resurfacing is a special system we developed using a cement based overlay to replicate a timber finish. Using specific trowelling and finishing techniques we can create timber grain. The surface is then scribed into boards, coloured and sealed. All the natural charm of timber without the warping and fading of real timber. The woodcrete finish can be varied to suit the situation, with more rustic finishes for patios and decks and more refined for internal areas that require easier cleaning. Different sealers can be used for gloss, semi-gloss or matt finish.

This is a timelapse video of a small patio we resurfaced, and a concrete ramp down to the pool (off camera).

The preparation grinding was done earlier.  This was a combination of McCallums chip concrete (the horrid sharp red stuff found all over auckland) and a bit of standard concrete.

Including the prep and sealing, the job took about 1 1/2 days to complete and was ready for foot traffic after about 6 hours curing of the sealer.


Broomcova is a more monotone and simple finish for external concrete surfaces. It has a similar finish to broom finished concrete. Mostly used for large areas as it is a more cost effective way to refresh old and dis-coloured concrete like driveways and patios. Like all our resurfacing, it is sealed for lasting results.

This is a timelapse video of a Driveway that was laid by the house company in the wrong colour. It was supposed to have 18kg of Black oxide per QuM, but only had 8. The housing company got someone else to come and use a coloured sealer to recolour it (they put 6 coats on it). It looked bad, and made it slippery.

We ground off all the sealer on a previous day.

This video starts at 8am with a quick tidy up, then we apply the first coat of Broomcova resurfacing to a dampened surface, allow about 30 mins to dry, then apply the second coat. Allowed it about 1 hour to dry, then applied 2 coats of sealer.

Client was very happy, and felt a lot safer driving and walking on it with our non slip Broomcova finish.

This was done in Charcoal colour.



We have 30 Standard colours to choose from and lots of colour blends to give you what you want



We can offer you any size tile or random pattern or stone patterns to give your surface a unique or standard look.
Borders are also possible.


As professional installers we can control the finish texture of the overlay system, Most of our trowel finish systems can be varied from fairly smooth to layers slate (rough stone finishes.


Because our resurfacing is hand crafted, we can create a unique finish.