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Considering your concrete floor staining and dye options?

You live your life in full colour - now you can enjoy your concrete floors in colour too!
The majority of our work is single dye colour applied to the floor with a varigated/mottled effect, with the colour is applied at varied concentration across the floor in a random application to provide a consistient inconsistency. We can also introduce more than one colour, for a two or more tone finish. Beyond this we can introduce coloured panels or patterns. Your floor is our canvas.

Floor Preparation

All concrete requires some preparation, this may be simple like an acid wash for fresh/un-stained concrete floors - through to full aggregate exposure grinding. Some floors may require an overlay or micro-topping (see Thincova) to provide a nice even surface or to hide crack or hole repairs. The important factor is the surface needs to be able to absorb the dye, and the sealer applied over it, to ensure a long lasting bond and protection.


The floor needs to be sealed, and we have a range of sealers available to meet your requirements. The "best" sealer is our Sparta-Flex Clear - this polyaspartic resin sealer will offer the best abrasion resistance and longest service life. But it is a bit more expensive than the more traditional sealers. Our SA sealer is a solvent based acrylic sealer, that has a good compromise between wear and mark-ability, it is also easier and less expensive to re-coat and can be treated with a polish. Talk to our sales reps about our range of sealers.


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