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Floor Masters are able to offer you a full range of floor preparation services and concrete repair solutions.

There are some aspects of floor preparation that the DIY type person can do, like pulling up carpet, removing that cheap laminate "timber" flooring, maybe removal of vinyl or tiles.  This can save you some $ on a project where time is not critical and the budget it tight.

But there are other aspects where it pays to use a professional (us) to complete a floor preparation job. We have invested 10's of thousands of $$$$ in equipment to do jobs professionally, safely and efficiently.

  • Tile removal - I have lost count of how many Grind and Seal or Diamond Polish jobs we have turned up to where someone else has removed tiles and left significant holes in the concrete floor.  These can not be ground out.  Don't let anyone inexperienced with a jack hammer loose on your floor if you care about the concrete.
  • Glue and paint removal - This requires diamond grinding and experience.  You can't hire the equipment professionals use, and what you can hire (hand grinders or single head machines) can very quickly gouge and ruin your floor.  A good finish also requires the right diamonds (we usually have between 2000-$10,000 of diamonds with us)
  • Moisture Barrier - It is important to prevent moisture getting into your building, it effect the building and occupants health and will also ruin many flooring products.  We have a range of products to suit the situation. (NOTE a Moisture Barrier is used on the inside of a room to prevent moisture coming from the outside, where it can not be stopped from the outside. i.e. stop moisture coming up through a floor or in through a wall with soil of the outside).
  • Floor Levelling - very few floors are level or flat (and there is a difference), but when that is important to you, call on us to rectify the issue.  We have a wide range of products to use in different situations.  We have lots of experience (one project used 70,000L of levelling compound to sort out new concrete floors).
  • Crack Repairs - We have great products for fixing cracks in concrete - Our FAST FIX resin lets us complete crack repairs in about 30 minutes with vehicle traffic once we are out of the way.  Also our STITCH or STAPLE methods add additional strength to the repairs.
  • Joint Repairs - Joints and cracks are different, where cracks need a fairly solid repair, joints are designed to allow controlled movement and expansion and contraction of the concrete.  Joints need to remain at least semi-flexible - trafficed joints also need to be reasonably firm to support wheels and stop the edges breaking off - contact us to discuss your needs.